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Shri Narendra Modi at the India Today Conclave 2013 – The NaMo Mantra

Shri Narendra Modi at the India Today Conclave 2013 – The NaMo Mantra


Shri Narendra Modi at the India Today Conclave 2013 – The NaMo Mantra

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  1. A demon fattened itself for 65 years by handing the lollipop of "Garibi Hatao" to poor and sucking their soul. Drenched with blood from 1984 and other times, this Rakshasa and its brothers (NDTV, Rajdeep et all) dared to slander my leader. Devils who have sold their soul can they ever sacrilege one who is beyond all. Like Arjuna, the Lion from Gujarat paid no heed. With "Vande Matram" on his lips and his fate in the hands of brave citizens of Bharatvarsha he has stirred his chariot towards Delhi

  2. We really need THIS leader right now…

  3. Meet my leader NAMO as in 2014.

  4. Governance is function of Competence, Integrity and Leadership. Is anyone in India greater than NaMo on the above criterion? He strides like a Giant in front of all these congressi pygmies. Guys just listen to what industry captains and foreign dignitaries have to say in vibrant Gujarat Summit. English media empire in India run by smut peddler Vineet Jain, Congress’s chum Prannoy, Barkha (actually on payroll of congress) and self declared idiot Rajdeep Sardesai.

  5. Little poppet bappu,what world do you live in?This is about out Bharat & not your little pakiland.The only future you self hating,self enslaving,arab rag heads worshipping descendants of converts have is to remain hopeless,unemployable,parasitic beggars with an unbreakable begging bowl.Your forefathers were stupid & cowardly enough to become muslims & now it is coming back to finish you.Try applying for a citizenship to one of your arab rag master’s countries & see how they laugh at you.Ummah?

  6. Basically Modi is RRS man. He is offering carrot before camels. Major industies ran to Gujrath becasue Maharshatra CM grabbed the land of all Cotton Mills and sold it to builders. One Kohinoor mills land was purchased by Raju Thakare. Divide and rule is the age old practice of Hindu Mind set. Hindu is not one family as it still follows chatur vara system in india. Hence India will not remain united, it is already divided in castes, creed, region, language, faith, etc.

  7. Who is this moron at 1:59:16 ? He doesnt have(or understand) any question /doubt for Modis vision,but interested in 2002 false propaganda.

  8. Jai Bharat,Jai Modiji.
    Modiji to be our PM in 2014.

  9. And then they don’t get ashamed to ask a person the same question about Riots…he too answered well. If u ask this question it means…u don’t respect Supreme Courts ruling.
    Why should he regret, did he go and set the sabarmati express on u ever try to find who started fire, and pull his legs in court and media too. Do u ever ask Congress to regret for other riots which took place under it…do congress is secular after killing Sikhs.

  10. India Today too tried best to show Modi is bad…..but they failed. From where they brought data that Gujarat is behind in industrial growth. ….and then to.ask such questions is real absurdity. You see yourselves…all companies are running to Gujarat to set up themselves…..Maruti, Tata, GM, Ford…to name a few. Largest solar park in Asia, 24 hour electricity even to the villages, so to all factories….all paper work to set up a industry in 15 days….then why this stupid question

  11. Never mind – These India today group was given a befitting reply – Country do not run by a mere 24/7 channel …….Modi is THE LEADER……

  12. sick b****ds at India Today….trying their best to pull NaMo down…so much that they have blacked out this video from their website….What a man…what exceptional vision!!!!

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