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Narendra Modi’s address to NRI community in America and Canada through video conference

Narendra Modi’s address to NRI community in America and Canada through video conference


Narendra Modis address to NRI community in America and Canada through video conference.

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  1. No leader in India is 5% of Modi. The confidence the IQ level and leadership qualities. Forget PM, Manmonhan put all congress minister all together

  2. Kumbh mela: Har din Ganga ghat par europe ka ek desh basta tha! 🙂

  3. like ya share karne se kuch nahi hoga na modi PM banega….i appeal to the youth of this country rich or poor to go and VOTE for the BJP in 2014…..akhand bharat ka nirmaan tabhi hoga jab hum sab apne gharo se nikalke line me ghanto khade hoke VOTE dalenge!!

  4. Governance is function of Competence, Integrity and Leadership.
    Is anyone in India greater than Narendera Modi jee on the above criterions?
    He strides like a Giant in front of all these congress pygmies.
    There is no destiny; we have the power, the free will and the ability to vote to select Lion than congress wolves.
    Narender Modi jee for PM, for greater glory of India.
    NAMO FOR PM. Meet my Leader.

  5. Jai Bharat,Jai Modiji.
    Modiji to be our PM in 2014.

  6. modi zindabad zindabad all austerlian like modi 

  7. yeah buddy

  8. Desh bachooo Modi attanwadi ko bhaagao.. Modi tu please thiar jail jaa…you belong their….You and your ugly terrorist ideology…will not work…shame on u Modi!!! talking about global warming….U have polluted Gujjrat and India…please don’t talk abt god… you are truly satan…
    jai hind.

  9. next p.m. like it….

  10. He arouses hope even in people who long gave up on India..I hope India has him in its fate…

  11. Why just america and Canada? :/

  12. he’s gujarati. why isn’t he speaking gujarati? a fifth of indian americans are gujarati anyway.

  13. Pappichoolo SOS

    search in google : "proud of being Hindu Vadakayil"
    follow the blog of Ajit Vadakayil to know Scientific belief, Philosophy of Hinduism.

    Like it so everyone can know more about Hinduism.

  14. what a great thought!! you had spoken what is in my mind 🙂

  15. When are the elections?? I am going to India and vote for this guy for sure. Dear Indians, dont waste your vote this time. And to all those indians living outside India, please take part in the forthcoming elections and vote for this guy if ever u intend to return back to a better India in future.

  16. Jay shri ram

  17. Modi lao desh bachao

  18. As a descendant of a NRI in Australia, I follow Indian Politics with great enthusiasm. Shri Modi ji stands head and shoulders above any politician of any persuasion. Not only as an orator but also as an honest and astute administrator. Electing anyone else as PM of India in 2014 will be doing a grave injustice to our motherland. Long live Shri Modi ji, a man of vision, and commitment.

  19. real terror is m(ka)odi

  20. Rascal Modi

  21. Bloody bastard, criminal Modi

  22. sir, usa ko maro goli ,,. v r coming to india

  23. Sir,
    I do welcome the initiative taken to request Indian families settled abroad to convince their known to visit India and enjoy the historical sites and enjoy the delicacies of our vast country. To strengthen your ideas, I like to add that at least Gujarat must highlights the facilities/infra structure available at least hygienic stay/food at the tourists spots in the day to day advertisements will really be helpful. I am sure complete roadmap must be prepared for the state of art facilities..

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