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Telugu NRI Ravindra Thota In Pravasandhra – TV5

Telugu NRI  Ravindra Thota In Pravasandhra  – TV5

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Connecting the Non Resident Indian Community

Telugu NRI  Ravindra Thota In Pravasandhra  – TV5

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  1. I work in his company, generally human nature is not satisfy with their
    employers, but as an employee I am happy with his company / JSMN Int. Inc.
    He is awesome human being, contributing to education is gr8 thing. Thank you

  2. program chalabagundi sir meeru entho mandiki spurthidayakulu mee goppa
    hrudayaniki aa bagavanthuni asishiulu ellappudu untundi sir satayushmaan
    bava devi anugrahasiddirastu

  3. Program is Very Nice andi ravi garu…you are god for me ..helping me a lot

  4. parameshwar chiluveru

    grear soul of Thammadapalli (his native village ) soil. god bless him with
    more glore

  5. Surendra Ramanapudi

    He is a great human being. Most trustful guy I came across in my 13 years
    of my Journey in USA Connecting the Non Resident Indians community


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