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Stephen Osita Osadebe ~ Nri Sports Di Uso

Stephen Osita Osadebe ~ Nri Sports Di Uso


artist: Commander in Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe song: Nri Sports Di Uso album: Osadebe 75 If you would like to hear the rest of the music on this great alb…



Connecting the Non Resident Indian Community

Stephen Osita Osadebe ~ Nri Sports Di Uso


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  1. thats d problem we are facing, onyibiafra, some ibo guys dsnt know where
    they come from. 2 bad.

  2. thank u Afro Slabs for job well done.

  3. @onyibiafra Much better thanks.

  4. @onyibiafra Well, just drop your stone ’cause I am from Aniedo and can’t
    tell some of the cities around me. I guess where I went to school matters,
    in that case I grew up away from home. I only hear of Nri in this nice
    music but would love if you will kindly tell me rather than scold me.

  5. nri is in anambra state,

  6. Where is Nri, what part of NiJa ? Nice Music

  7. really lovely track. One of my best Osa-nkwa tracks

  8. beautiful song…My favorite from the chief

  9. Chineke Bless the Nri Kingdom

  10. @groovemonzter i thank u for uploading this track,cos we sons n daughters
    of nri that is far from mother land,remembers home,this is the track that
    chief I K ASAA(EKWEDIKE NA UMU-NRI ) na MMIMI NA NNOFIA always play in
    there program every tuesday tittled UMU-NRI KACHANU ,anam anu ka onada na
    nti echirom,osankwa may OLUWA accept ur soul RIP.

  11. @groovemonzter wow i just saw you for posting it!! i
    appreciate it! =)

  12. I love this song, it takes me back to mother land… R.I.P Osa Nkwa, your
    memories will remain for ever. Thank you for uploading this heart chilling
    song groovemonzter..

  13. This song is still on top of the chart, thanks to the Great Osadebe. lusaro.

  14. The legend…..:) his music warms my soul

  15. @greatgeneral55

  16. we will always love pa osita music


  18. I agree. This is really beautiful music. Just so you know I’ve posted the
    entire album on my blog. If you want to hear more the link is to the right
    in the video discription.

  19. gooodddnnnesss i looove this song!!

  20. Great song R.I.P Chief Osita Osadebe…Ndi Nri ekenemu oooo !

  21. what a song!, what a song! I often wonder where all the people (or the
    descendants of) the people he mentions in this song are. Connecting the Non Resident Indians community


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