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Shri Modi addressing Indian diaspora on 10th March 2013

Shri Modi addressing Indian diaspora on 10th March 2013


Shri Modi addressing Indian diaspora on 10th March 2013.

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  1. i love how this guy speaks… pls be PM modi ji, we need you

  2. All watching this video shout in you heart loud, Modiji Modiji –PM,PM. Repeat again ,repeat again.

    BJP declare Modi as PM Victory is waiting for you.

  3. we are not interested in answering your questions becoz you are a part of Modi PR brigade. And eventually I know you will come back to the faults of Muslims and how anti India they are..been there and done that buddy. Enough !

  4. Without immediately falling back on the "Godhra incident", tell me succinctly why you detest this man so much. Please, thanks. 

  5. sanjaybkalathiya

    Modi is simply Great

  6. randi ki aulaad narendra modi….your time is up.

  7. All this aside, I already said I have nothing against my fellow human being. I Do have a problem when it comes to ideology. If you don’t have a problem with that Ideology then you cant be an Indian. That is reality.

    And all those people who stick to the Ideology of "only we are right. everyone else are wrong, lets cause harm to them" will be wiped out.

  8. So there is no difference between taking money from an invader to surrender and paying off an invader to protect people ? I guess in your mind its not lol.

    Keep twisting and turning from answering this question. sadly buddy all this is facts and the fact remains that I can show you Muslims kings who sold themselves for money to the British. You cannot show me one Hindu king who did the same, Although you can show me example where they bought off the British XD

  9. A demon fattened itself for 65 years by handing the lollipop of "Garibi Hatao" to poor and sucking their soul. Drenched with blood from 1984 and other times, this Rakshasa and its brothers (NDTV, Rajdeep et all) dared to slander my leader. Devils who have sold their soul can they ever sacrilege who is beyond all. Like Arjuna, the Lion from Gujarat paid no heed. With "Vande Matram" on his lips and his fate in the hands of brave citizens of Bharatvarsha he has stirred his chariot towards Delhi.

  10. Modi is  not a polition he is a saga of politic…..

  11. Never seen any indian leader wishing for hindu festival…..Modi & only Modi can do this

  12. sherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hai humre

  13. The king of Taxila surrendered by offering the aggressors money, not taking it. Thats done to protect his people. Fact.

    Once they lost, they made peace. Unlike your version that they were bought off. Bad history.

    Again you cant really find an example can you ? your history is really bad. Keep trying to avoid this question the best you can.

  14. So you ignore some facts and chose the other facts !! Puru fought with Alexander..I never denied that. But before that king of Taxila surrendered. And many others.I think you overrate Puru. He lost the battle in reality.Rajputs were wiped out- its true. But thats why they gave their girls to Mughal empire ? To have a marriage relationships, how funny ? and what about Hindu rulers during British time ? are totally knowledge less.The FACT is every ruler looked for his interest.MONEY.

  15. LOL actually your statement was "You do not say that when an Hindu also protests about their problems"

    My response to that was "Which Hindu protested for Hindus ? Please enlighten me"

    Lets not change the structure to suit your statements shall we ?

    A Hindu protests for India and Indians. THAT is the fundamental difference.

  16. Avoiding questions? What questions ? Why Hindu do not speak for Hindu ? Is that even a question ? It is a laughable thought. Today most of our movements and protests are by Hindus. How many Muslims did you see in Anna Hazare movement? My question is why you want to pick Hindus ? Indians have common problems..Dont try to make divisions. Thats my point. Injustice is same for Hindu and Muslims. I myself hated when Kashmiri Pandits lives outside homeland. It is disgusting.

  17. LOL my Indian history is poor ? Let me point out some facts.

    Puru and the kings after him (modern day India) was the ones who finally stopped alexander.

    Rajputs were almost wiped out in their resistance aganist the mughals. Thats history look it up.

    Rest of you post is wild claims. Prove it with an example.

    PS: No Hindu king has ever been bought by any invaders. My challenge to you still stands.

  18. Funny how you completely ignored you point and my counter to that.

    Nothing new is it ? a framework of denial that is quiet common.

    Who said I hate Muslims ? They are human beings and they could be good or bad. Its the ideology I hate.

    And why talk Hindu ? Its for my nation.

    Keep jumping all over the place avoiding questions, Like I said its not something new.

  19. LOL..your knowledge of Indian History is very poor. When Alexander invaded India..all kings before Puru surrendered to him. Rajputs became part of Mughal force. There countless Indian Hindu rulers who happily joined British power only live with comfort. And you talk about Hindu rulers? My friend, MONEY speaks..Not religion. Show money and you can buy anyone.

  20. Condemning Modi is not enough. You have to condemn yourself to have so much prejudices. You are ready to bring back things happened 500 or 600 years ago and yet ready to ignore what happened only 60 years ago !!! Thats really weird. You can talk with Britishers and yet hate Muslims who are just converted and Indians.
    And what is this Hindu Hindu ?? Try to think about Indians. Politicians like Modi uses people like you who are more interested to think about religion rather than country.

  21. LOL perfect that you should say this !

    Prove your point by stating one Hindu ruler who sold out to anyone. If you cant, you have just lost all credibility.


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