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NRI response to Shinde

NRI response to Shinde

This video is made by NRIs in response to Shindes witch-hunting.


NRI response to Shinde


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  1. NRI response to Shinde…….BJP/CONGRESS go to hell

  2. Sushil kumar shind is the other name of Rumblings of a sick mind.. Does
    cong n bjp know they r hitting der own head on d wall by asking AAP funds
    probe?? Learn sme politics dudes.. dey know only to steal money

  3. Now It is time to get up every voter of Delhi. Need better Delhi & better
    life for your children Vote to AAP Only because v r giving all time to
    other Party & v got nothing so if v have to waste another 5 years then why
    not AAP because at least they will think for common man of delhi . So be
    ready for 4th December

  4. Kattula Krishna Prasad

    I feel the revenge from congress on AAP is heading for a good sake…
    Now these type of videos and this issue will help AAP to penetrate in to
    the hearts of people more thoroughly……

  5. Do all our NRI friends promise they shall come back to India if AAP comes
    to power in Delhi… or do we have some smart conditions attached,,, the
    guys on the video , if they are true and not fake , come out in the open
    and confirm their identity and their commitment to come back to India …

  6. I dont know two souls have disliked this video.. how stupid people they


  8. Hats off to all NRIs for showing the kind of solidarity in the movement
    that would make Mr.Sindhe’s n Mr.Subramanian Swamy’s pants wet.

  9. Mr Shinde you are the One who shakes the hand before elections and your
    Confidence thereafter

  10. I was thinking Dr Swamy is good person but shown true color. He is cheap
    person. does not check and balance in talk and char.

  11. AAP will surely come in Delhi. You all goes continue to support AAP by fund
    and other way as you wish.I salute my all NRI persons who comes to support
    this party.

  12. My name is Habib, I have donated three times to Aam Aadmi Party and I feel
    proud of it. I believe that my donation will help AAP fight corruption. I
    want corruption free India, I want swaraj. Doha, Qatar

  13. Hats off NRI guys… for showing what the True Indians are.

  14. I am proud of you all…

  15. ab bol shinde ! dub kar mer ja

  16. praveen kumar pankaj

    What Cong & BJP thought, that questioning already transparent AAP funding
    will make us question our belief on AAP, but rather it has done the
    opposite. Now we unite even stronger. This is one mistake they will regret
    for a long time.

  17. Jai Hind

  18. jai hind..

  19. Watch and salute our indian sisters and brothers…. Jai hind Jai Bharat…

  20. Most corrupt congress and bjp complaining about this just make me laugh.
    Delhi please it is your last chance please bring Aap to power.

  21. I live in australia and me and my peers have donated to AAP numerous times.
    My money is my business and i can use it the way i want to. Jai Hind!! Connecting the Non Resident Indians community


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