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NRI – Gallan

NRI – Gallan

NRIs Music Video for the track Gallan. Album Features Rubal, Amar Arshi, Sumeet, Lembher Hussainpuri, Sir Aah, Keshav and many more.


NRI – Gallan

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  1. Hi nawid

  2. nice songs

  3. shanty huiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  4. OMG hot GIRLS

  5. did he say "imma trini at 2:30???? wat nationality is da girl thats singing?

  6. NyCxDhAliWaLxJaTtI

    i had rubal on my facebook before i knew this song WTF

  7. @NyCzPuRpLeHaZe : yep N R( rouble ) I ( Inder) they live arnd there …

  8. this girl gotta b trini or something..this song never gets old..i wanna
    hear more frm dem..some1 link me if they know of other songs they have

  9. the chick in the red look like nelly or is she lol i cant tell

  10. I used to listen to this last year and im happy i started listening to it
    again man……missed this jam and im loving it allll theeee
    wayyyyy!!!!!!!!!! YA’LL ROCK KEEP DOIN WAT YA DO!!!!!!

  11. sweet voice

  12. is aigghhhtttt!!!

  13. Can someone do me a favour and write out the lyrics?

  14. this song is soooooooooo good

  15. luv diz song

  16. I like the tune it is nice .. that sikh man sings nice

  17. The tune is tight, video is okay, i guess

  18. hot!!!!

  19. chhitij bhattachan

    good song… great video… keep it up INDYs…

  20. great vid..are those babes indian cause damn their pretty

  21. nb..nice mv

  22. nice one

  23. OMG Indy!!! GREAT VIDEO! I’m proud of u my beta!! Connecting the Non Resident Indians community


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