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Narendra Modi’s speech at the joint session of chief ministers at PBD 2012

Narendra Modi’s speech at the joint session of chief ministers at PBD 2012

Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modis speech at the joint session of chief ministers at PBD 2012 on January 9, 2012 in Jaipur.


Narendra Modi’s speech at the joint session of chief ministers at PBD 2012

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  1. A demon fattened itself for 65 years by handing the lollipop of "Garibi Hatao" to poor and sucking their soul. Drenched with blood from 1984 and other times, this Rakshasa and its brothers (NDTV, Rajdeep et all) dared to slander my leader. Devils who have sold their soul can they ever sacrilege one who is beyond all. Like Arjuna, the Lion from Gujarat paid no heed. With "Vande Matram" on his lips and his fate in the hands of brave citizens of Bharatvarsha he has stirred his chariot towards Delhi

  2. agar modi PM hoga to surely India ko bahut nuksan hone bala he kyoki Iran ne pahale hi kah diya he ki MOdi agar Pm hoga to koi Oil nahi dega aur oil phir india ko oil sirf America se hi lena hoga jo bahut costly hoga kyoki America second largest Oil producer he lakin uski kimat bahut hogi around 350 to 400 rs aur America,Europ,UK ne to unhe kabhi nahi bulayege jo ab tak nahi bulate he to india pure world se kat jayega jo india ko 1000 year piche kar dega

  3. easlly understand by america want to Modi will be PM but they dont give VISA because they want to stop Indian people to Come to America but until congress party they cant do anything because they dont have a reason to how to say dont come american and also they want to declare india as a Hindu-Muslim Communal state and than they will attack on India By Nato and ruin india and than they will become again no 1 and india only a commpititor of america but after this india will be cut by the world

  4. Indian Hindu kabhi bhi baghal se churri nahain nikal sakta.Indian Hindu sirf apne aap ko insaan hi saabat kar de. is ko sirf chwal dushamni aati hai ( nothing else ).In ke politicians international sateh par Hamesha baat kar ke mokare hain.aur is beghairti par sharim nahein fakhar karte hain.hazaron laanat in par

  5. Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar are two miracles in India. Sher dil NMarendra Modi. We want to see you as India’s Prime Minister.

  6. inspiring guy. this man has substance !

  7. strong speech

  8. The Man…The Modi…The PM..Jai Hind

  9. Jai bharat, Jai Uttar Pradesh, Jai Modiji. Modiji to be our PM in 2014.

  10. India don’t deserve him…… HATS OFF….



  13. brother not next decade in next election i.e. 2014 or even before that.

  14. too good speech

  15. u go out

  16. ramesh choutapelly

    u could be father of future india

  17. ramesh choutapelly

    sir, u r great

  18. They say narendra modi acts a victim to win elections. But they forget Gandhi always played a victim for uniting India.

  19. Narendra bhai modi ki jai hoin….

  20. When He becomes PM, Not only India but neighboring countries will also progress.

  21. i think narendra modi must be removed from the post of chief minister’s post …make him loose and then lets see what he speaks….

  22. iam a muslim but i love narendra modi as a pm

  23. buddy i m wid namo, i was and i m and i will be but i m not convinced wid him always thats all i said in my last comment, he is honest and has every quality who can take my hindustan ahead but still think he is also thinking of exporting human brain which i dnt think is good for my country our best brain shld be in nation

  24. Pulkit Bhatnagar

    I would fully support & urge others to support him for PM post.

  25. Pulkit Bhatnagar

    What a speech ..!! Connecting the Non Resident Indians community


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