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Missamma NRI – Full Movie with Closed Captions

Missamma NRI – Full Movie with Closed Captions


Missamma NRI is an hour long telugu independent feature shot in USA and India. It is a story about two immigrants entering into a fake wedlock to overcome th…



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Missamma NRI – Full Movie with Closed Captions

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  1. very nice movie, well done guys 🙂

  2. Nice Movie.

  3. Great movie guys, story is very realistic..andharu baga act chesaru 🙂

  4. beautiful film… song is the USP for it.. far better than the bunch of
    crappy movies being released every week… watching this movie gives me
    great relief especially when my mind is messed up..

  5. Really suprised…liked it

  6. wow… I enjoyed it alot

  7. Ramesh Babu Gudivada

    Excellent .Heart touching dude !

  8. Excellent Video guys. Its so realistic and matured.I really liked it and
    thanks to team involved in it.You folks have bright future.. all the best!

  9. It is clean and matured movie …….very nice

  10. Hey. its so nice . its so realistic. good background and its like a movie.
    great work.

  11. Thank you for this movie DreamsnDramas. Very good one. Natural acting by
    every one. Kudos to your team

  12. Loved this effort of yours! awesome and a great start.

  13. Weekend movie .. 🙂

  14. Very good one …Every indian immigrant must watch…Good work…

  15. Awesome work…….

  16. Excellent , you telugu Indians. Meeru movie thisthe 5 years aduthundi anna.
    It touched me like any thing. It is simple and supurb. I never imagined
    normal poeple like you have this much heart. It is great. Sekar kammula is
    nothimg in front of you. It touched me like anything. I live in singapore.
    We Indians great

  17. a very well crafted movie after in the recent past…commendable
    effort…keep it up

  18. Touch chesindi………… Excellent

  19. really very very nice.keep it up.

  20. was almost to tears…such a touching movie. I like when you said about "
    ikkada luxuries lo life vetukkuntam,akkada life lo luxuries vetukkuntam"
    Cheers Deepika

  21. chala bagundi … music was amazing…

  22. great job

  23. wow…really awesome…..chala touching ga vundhi….direction, action anni
    chala bagunnayi……great job…

  24. Good one…. Connecting the Non Resident Indians community


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