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Missamma NRI

Missamma NRI


This is the trailer of an hour long telugu independent feature “Missamma NRI”. Please click the watch in HD link below the viewer for a better quality.



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Missamma NRI

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  1. guys how to watch this movie please give me the link I’m ready to pay you
    guys….please upload this movie..its worth watching movie

  2. gundameedisrikanth

    Nice Song…. 🙂

  3. superb movie.,very pleasant

  4. I am listening it for 50th time now..:) Great work guys..

  5. very good movie pls keep doing it nice job. life in uk is not different
    from USA

  6. This was really aweeeesome Sharath…you do really have a very bright
    future…I wish you all the Good Luck!!!

  7. vinaychowdary bala

    good film friends…its awesome…all the best…

  8. hi guys very good film.we loved it.

  9. I saw the movie sharath…its awesome…good job and all the best for your

  10. Hey Sarath, current ga emmana movie chestunnara..?? i want to make a short
    movie on gultis and would like to know if you are interested in working
    together.. i am located in NY city

  11. Where can I see the complete movie??

  12. Great lyrics KC garu… 🙂 Looking for some more new songs from
    you……… :):P Karthik

  13. the song is really good….

  14. Great work Buddies.waiting for the release of the film…….

  15. Nope..I heard you from one my relative…Best of luck gys..

  16. Hey Sandeep, thanks a lot for the comment. Do I know you?

  17. Hi Sharath!!!!! Chaala interesting ga vundhi…Backgroung song is
    awesome…100 times vinuntanu..Is it the full song ..? inkaa emmina
    extension vundhaa..? Best of luck for u guys…waiting for the

  18. great beginning Sharat n Meenu! Wishing that it will be a stepping stone to
    success in u r future endeavors as well. good luck!

  19. Great work on the song, nice lyrics, nice tune, nice voices both male and
    female — best of luck

  20. Chintu!! so you are in acting!! Great – Vishnu Kiran

  21. Sharath, Trailer is Top!! Awaiting Picture Punch!! -Vishnu Kiran

  22. meenu & sharat..great work…(all the hardwork shows)..want to watch the
    whole movie…let me know when its releasing…

  23. it’s great!!!!!!! i am proud of my best friend sharath.

  24. The trailer is great. Connecting the Non Resident Indians community


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