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India’s Jewish Food

India’s Jewish Food

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India’s Jewish Food

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  1. forgottenmemories63

    Is this Kosher ? 😉

  2. Flt Lt. Andrew Prokhorov

    I see a lot of haters here. Why cant you just appreciate the Hindu Jew brotherhood. This is the difference between our religion and your religion. We don’t hate, we appreciate.

  3. Yea sure

  4. No one can judge anyone’s morality but GOD.

  5. All religious people are brothers in Humanity.

  6. Verity is the spice of life.

  7. Your wordings shows your character.

  8. Some non Islamic countries has good code of ethics than Islamic countries. India is one of them. Freedom of religion and speech is the essence of human dignity.

  9. I lived in Chennai for two years and didn’t see any Jews there…but I saw a lot of Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Hindus and Christians…

  10. India is one of the countries where there has not been a single incidence of anti-semitism. We welcomed Jews in 500BC and we welcome Jews now!

  11. Can someone please tell me an artisit or the genre of music, i want to hear more of it.

  12. Yes Ghandi did march against the JOO. The Joo arrived in India and set up the caste system and apartheid just like they did in america where they instituted SLAVERY, then JIM CROW laws, then segregation. The same was done by the JOO in South Africa, just like we see the JOO doing to the Palestinian today…walls dividing the country/check points/violence/murder/war. India should tear down ALL remnants of JOOS being in their land.

  13. I think that’s what makes it an interesting novelty. I think we’re all well aware that Judaism isn’t exactly India’s biggest religion.

  14. Your obviously not educated on how natives cutlures work together aroud the world. Hindu and Asatru are very good friends. They both meditate. Hindu is a culture of gods and the Asatru is culture of gods, the gods are a metaphor for the human mind in the culture and they both are very much alike. So i could see why a Gandhi was communicating with Hitler,papers were found in documents in India and in Berlin. Nazi in ww2 were not racist. They were for Germany and for protecting it. America worse

  15. India’s Jewish Food? For real? You can clearly see who are the masters of this newspaper.

  16. There are a whole 161 million Muslims in India, but only 5000 Jews in India; but because this is the New York Times, they obviously go with the smallest possible minority… Have fun

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