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Indian diaspora celebrates Jindal’s success

Indian diaspora celebrates Jindal’s success

Bobby Jindal will go down in Americas history as its first Indian-American Governor. During his inauguration celebrations, many members of Louisianas India…


Indian diaspora celebrates Jindal’s success

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  1. He opposes ILLEGAL immigration. And this ignorant bigot below called him a
    "haji". Shows the i.q. of Ron Paul supporter. Indians I know are
    conservative and family oriented and have a work ethic too many in the US
    have lost. Governors also don’t get involved in daily crime investigations
    and there are already penalties, including the death penalty for capital
    murder in Louisiana. Adding laws on top of existing laws don’t make them
    any more effective.

  2. I hope Ron Paul wins. I would call up the grandmaster of comedy, George W.
    himself, if either Palin or this haji get elected.

  3. indians4bobbyjindal

    Wow this video report is so biased either that or just idiotic. He is not
    antiimmigrant he is just against illegal immigration. "right wing radical
    views" wow are you kidding me. honestly I dont mean to say this but
    honestly lets not even talk about the radical hindus in india politics, but
    besides that not the point. Anyway what wrong with being catholic. The way
    they said he was catholic sounded so disparging like oo he’s catholic. Wow
    im of indian descent and I say BobbyJindal 12′!!

  4. What that’s got to do with the price of tea in China? Who cares where you
    have been ? Jindal is an American, a conservative one that is and most
    conservative Americans like him.

  5. have pride for india ..for Bobby.. indians are so quick to get jealous I

  6. We should celebrate Indian Americans who embrace embrace their identities,
    not people like Jindal and my uncle who change for acceptance, as if we
    HAVE to in order to get anywhere.

  7. Bobby Jindal reminds me of my uncle, a right wing neocon who works in
    Bush’s white house. This uncle changed his name (anglocized it), changed
    his political affiliations, and even changed his religion and is now a
    Republican big-wig. And all this after being raised a devout Hindu, trips
    to Thirupathi and all… It seriously raises questions: why can’t a Hindu
    Indian-American rise up in the Republican party? Why does he/she have to
    CHANGE into an image of what is stereotypically "American"?

  8. 10. and you close the story with 2 murders of indians and instead of
    blaming the murderers you blame..the GOVERNOR? let me say, I always
    wondered why the world hates america.. now i get it. India has the world’s
    most biased media. i mean seriousy. did ANYONE at ndtv go to journalsim
    school? do you know what the word ‘objective’ means? do you have a clue how
    to tell a story? This is a horrible job of reporting

  9. 9. "he’s at the extreme of the repulican spectrum" HUH? HOW? and this clown
    that said that is a ‘human rights attorney’… translation… "white people
    are evil". plus,the fool has a picture of malcom X on his wall.

  10. 8. "and EVEN opposed HATE CRIME STATUES… which have considerable
    bipartisan support" WRONG.

  11. 7. "Whether out of conviction or convenience, Jindal is a strong supporter
    of the war in Iraq". WOW! First of all, a majority of the us DOESN’T
    support Iraq, so it’s pretty clear his support for the war is out of

  12. 6. "in the last election, white folks did not want to vote for a brown
    person.." WRONG! in the last election, jindal was a young 32 year old with
    little statewide name recognition. somehow this clown damon hewitt thinks
    that just because jindal lost it’s because of "racism". nope, damon, how
    about comparing Blanco’s experience vs. Jindal’s experience in 2003….
    voters didn’t know who bobby even was… and yet, he still only lost

  13. 5. "republicans nominated a former kkk leader as a candidate for
    governor"… WRONG! First of all, Duke spent much of his life as a
    DEMOCRAT. second, louisiana has OPEN PRIMARIES… multiple dems & multiple
    repubs run at the same time… the La GOP did NOT ‘nominate’ david duke…
    he chose to run. guess what, ndtv? that’s called "democracy". but no, ndtv
    chose to pretend that an actual american political party SELECTED david

  14. 4. ‘devout catholic white voters’. wow… unneccessary. if ndtv knew
    anything about anything they would know that there are about as many black
    catholics as there are black jews… oh well, ndtv can’t stand to leave out
    the word "white" to somehow blame Gov. Jindal!

  15. 3. "RIGHT WING RADICAL CHRISTIAN VIEWS may have served him well"… huh?
    are you insane? do you have any idea what the Catholic Church believes? the
    catholic church is skewered by southern protestants for being too LIBERAL.
    do you even know what the difference between catholics and protestants are?
    and how is being a ‘conservative’ ( 50% of america, probably 70% of
    louisiana ) equated with "radical". What is "radical" about being a
    catholic? sheesh!

  16. 1. "A man who’s snapped all links with India"… DUDE, BOBBY WAS BORN IN
    LOUISIANA. WHAT IS HE SUPPOSED TO DO, hang a picture of Indira Ghandi above
    his bed? His parents are native Indians, bobby is not. 2. Bobby Jindal is
    not ‘anti-immigrant’… NO AMERICAN is ‘anti- immigrant’… all americans,
    however, are ILLEGAL-Immigrant.

  17. WOW…. let me say, I always wondered why the world hates america.. now i
    get it. India has the world’s most biased media. i mean seriousy. did
    ANYONE at ndtv go to journalsim school? do you know what the word
    ‘objective’ means? do you have a clue how to tell a story? This is a
    horrible job of reporting. POINT-BY-POINT REBUTTAL:

  18. It is great that an Indian American has become a governor. Unfortunately,
    he is a conservative. An Indian-American Conservative is a conservative
    two-fold. Extreme right does not sit well with the Indian-American soul.
    Indian-Americans pride themselves to be liberal progressives.

  19. I am an American of Indian origin. I am proud of Bobby J. Looks like
    Louisiana adores him and he cares for his country. I would vote for Bobby
    anytime not because he is of Indian descent but because what he stands for.

  20. "people being upset with the current regime"?!! Why did a piece that should
    be about the sucess of a right wing non-white republican ends in a attack
    on Bush? And that other guy says that Jindal’s positions are inconsistent
    with the "positions of the south eastern comunity"? Who cares! He was
    elected to defende American interesses, not indian ones! HArd working, law
    abiding indians surelly endorse Jindal.

  21. Geaux Bobby….

  22. you should snap all ties with you "native" country once you become an
    American Citizen.That is what all great Americans have done. My family from
    Italy new once they stepped foot on American soil "WE ARE AMERICANS NOW!"
    that is what is so wonderful about our great nation. Have pride in our flag
    our traditions and our people! God bless our great nation! Connecting the Non Resident Indians community


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