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Hum Hain Desi NRI Song Kumar Vishwas

Hum Hain Desi NRI Song Kumar Vishwas

Dr Kumar Vishwas reciting new NRI song Hum Hain Desi at Vancouver, Canada in 2013. The song was a huge hit during his USA-Canada tour 2013. Audiences kept …



Hum Hain Desi NRI Song Kumar Vishwas




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  1. Lajawab…!!! This man surely knows some magic.Hindi poetry has got a midas
    touch thanks to his adorable talent.

  2. awesome

  3. Jiyoo !

  4. You are great Ankur sydney

  5. nonstop really great lines

  6. superb lines

  7. हम वही जो शून्य में भी शून्य रचते है निरंतर हम वही जो रोशनी रखते है सबकी
    चौखटों पर बहुत ही उम्दा. अच्छे विचार.

  8. Nice Sir Ji, NIce


  10. Nice sir ji….JAI HIND..!!

  11. Very inspiring….I love ur thoughts…. . Indian parents they live normal
    life, they give good education to there children. Please write something
    for parents.

  12. Thanks Kumar…….from Sydney, Australia

  13. You are just awesome Mr, Kumar…. keep rocking… Love ur poem. Connecting the Non Resident Indians community


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