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Foreign Currency Non Resident Deposit Scheme – FCNR (B)

Foreign Currency Non Resident

Deposit Scheme – FCNR (B)


ABOUT VIDEO: One of the major steps taken by Mr. Raghugam Rajan our new RBI governor to get more dollars into India was by Introducing the FCNR (B) scheme fo…

The FCNR record is implied for the individuals who wish to hold the store in a remote cash of their decision. The current choices are the US dollar (USD), Pound sterling (GBP), Japanese Yen (JPY), Euro, Australian Dollar(aud) & Canadian Dollar (CAD). The significant point of interest of this record is that the contributor require not stress over the Exchange rate variances.



Nris can pick between residency of 1year to 5 years. The base sum for opening the FCNR record varies from bank to bank. FCNR stores at present pull in investment rate of LIBOR in addition to 100 premise Points. This rate is ordinarily adjusted consistently. This investment and the primary are both uninhibitedly repatriable.

The FCNR store might be opened mutually with a non-inhabitant Indians just. Credits against the stores are accessible in India both to the investor and outsiders at the appeal of the contributors. Banks likewise gives Loan against this store in Foreign Currencies additionally to the contributors just. The record might be opened by exchanging trusts from abroad or from your current NRE/FCNR accounts.

Foreign Currency Non Resident Deposit Scheme – FCNR (B)

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