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Every NRI Should Listen To This Song(In Telugu)

Every NRI Should Listen To This Song(In Telugu)

Every NRI should listen to this Song… This song purely describes the life of indian students those are living abroad. Every Word in the song has a signific…


Every NRI Should Listen To This Song(In Telugu)


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  1. balaraju

  2. modda laaga unnai thokka lyrics..

  3. Hindusthan lo bathakadam varam, aa varam kolpoynollu yekkadunna hindusthani
    laaga bathakina chaalu …… Ee samastha bhoomandalam lo mana civilization
    and culture ni pramidhalai mundhuku teeskpovadaniki thodpadadhaam, paisala
    kosamey ochchinam oppukundhaam kaani ee avakaashanni bharateeyatha
    viluvalaki nilabadi vaatini vishwaaniki parichayam cheddhaam

  4. Durgamanikyam Vera

    Every NRI Should Listen To This Song

  5. Badhallo unna gaani bagunnanani annava..keka line. I am not abroad..but
    really loved this song.

  6. intiki vellali anipistundi

  7. tears….

  8. Its Really Heart Touching Song. Vandeymatharam…….

  9. Good song and heart touching song…….Vandematharam


  11. Touched…song makers take a bow…VandeMatharam..!!!

  12. every andhrite NRI should isten this song.this song purely discribes life
    of a indian student living abroad

  13. Sandeep Kumar Puppala

    mama touch chesav .. amazing .

  14. Srinivasa Raju Penmetsa
  15. Wow..awesome video…its really true..each nd every word…represents the
    life of people here…super good..

  16. Evvadu Bhai paata raashnodu …Touch Chesaadu …. Zabbardasth

  17. I understand the song perfectly, it’s awesome. I may not be happy sometimes
    due to my stay out of mother land but I m providing common needs to family
    from the money from my host land. Money Money Money.. what to do!!!!

  18. i hope guys will understand and come back soon to motherland………….
    we have evry thing ,wat is the point of being dere…

  19. visa reject aiythey…. lekha pothey if your frns are in US then eee song
    vini….self satisfy avvachu or if you graduated and don’t have a job in
    the US…… anybody who is highly talented and has a pretty good job can
    adjust here… all struggle 🙂 🙂

  20. It all depends on individual’s situation.

  21. Excellent, its moving, its touching the soul, very true my son who is in
    London University when calls has nothing to say whereas we in India talk so
    many topics like about music, mangoes,friends relatives whether neighbours
    cooking so many but here in London plastic smiles keep on judjing by
    clothes and wallet life is constant prison. great song salute

  22. Chala Bagundi. Manchi vaakyalu mariyu padaalu. Hrudayamuto alochinche
    paddati taggipotunnadi. Kaalamuto parigettutu jeevitanni andulo vunna
    sahaja madhuryanni mariyu daani paramardanni marchipotunnamu. Matrubhumi lo
    vunna svechhaku duramuga vuntunnamu bramalalo bratukutu mana vallaku
    duramuga vuntunnamu. Karanamu vilapamu(avasaramu) kavochhu leda vilasamu

  23. bossu, aa movie peru chirunaama chepithe chaala baaguntundi,,,

  24. Nice song and editing Gautham… thanks Connecting the Non Resident Indians community


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