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Best Comments about NRI life in tamil

Best Comments about NRI life in tamil

Best Comments about NRI life in tamil.


Best Comments about NRI life in tamil

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  1. good speech..

  2. Chandran Rengaswamy

    Verygood speech. As a father of NRI children i endorse all the views.

  3. Venkatesan Poongavanam

    All real feelings. excellent speach.



  6. factu factu

  7. factu factu


    பேச்சு மிக அருமை. —

  9. awesome….. no words to comment

  10. its real , – Rajkumar , GABON , W.AFRICA

  11. Speech less…………..

  12. Well some of it might be exaggerating, but she I guess she gets the sense
    right. Also this applies to anyone who miss their family and loved ones. An
    italian in Chennai would really hate the pizzas and miss his open culture
    and liquor. I imagine the italian would eat only pizzas for a week when he
    gets back. "Home is where the heart is" is what should be the key takeaway
    from this video. Everybody needs someone else and this social need is still
    what keeps our societies together.

  13. you are absolutely correct we have caste.. corruption.. filth.. disease but
    you have missed out few more also relationship, we know what is real
    happiness, what is life, what is real modern.. we don’t expect you to
    understand any of the lies or nonsense but if you want to criticize it try
    to understand and realize before you do… what is the use of your rational
    if you can’t express your thought without hurting others?

  14. Take back your people who cannot fit into modern societies. No one has
    asked them to come here. We get best of everything here, Food, arts,
    environment, name it. Why are then Indian elites sending
    their kids to foreign countries for studies..are they fools? Please do not
    spread lies from a rotten society …caste..Corruption, filth, disease,
    horrible dowry cases..parent interference on every step. Rotten matrimonial
    in the name of caste and feudal desires…

  15. Worst comments ..

  16. All nonsense and lies. Looks like an absurd, confused and sentimental case
    of miser landed in a foreign country by mistake. Her contacts should get
    out of the foreign land immediately. We get everything She listed here.
    Nonsense spreadign rumors.

  17. Good speach madam

  18. the best i heard so for Madam I love ur speech

  19. orredia oothuradhunguradhu, idhudha!!!

  20. சிறில் ராஜேஷ்

    Very true words from heart… Connecting the Non Resident Indians community


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